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December 23, 2019

Kerguelen Island Glacier Retreat Expands Lake District

Eastern Outlet glaciers of Cook Ice Cap in a 2001 Landsat and 2019 Sentinel image indicating retreat from 2001 terminus positions (red arrows) to 2019 terminus location (yellow arrows). The east side of the Cook Ice Cap on Kerguelen Island outlet glaciers have retreated expanding and forming a new group of lakes (Pelto, 2016).  Here we examine the changes from 2001-2019 along using Landsat and Sentinel imagery. Retreat of glacier …


March 29, 2018

Cook Ice Cap Retreat & Nunatak Expansion, Kerguelen Island

West margin of Cook Ice Cap in 2001 and 2018 Landsat images.  Red arrows indicate terminus margin in 2001 in both images. Nunataks A-D and Nunatak Lacroix (L) are also shown. On the west side of the Cook Ice Cap on Kerguelen Island a series of outlet glaciers have retreated and several nunataks have either expanded or are no longer surrounded by ice.   The glacier include Pasteur, Pierre Curie, Larmarck …


February 10, 2017

Cook Ice Cap Outlet Glacier Retreat Lake Fromation, Kerguelen 2001-17

  Comparison of eastern outlet glaciers of the Cook Ice Cap in 2001 and 2017 Landsat images.  Red arrow indicates a location of tributary separation. Pink arrow the 2017 terminus location of the northernmost glacier. Orange arrow the 2017 terminus location of the middle glacier.  Yellow arrow tip the 2001 terminus position of glacier ending in newly formed lake.  Green arrow the southernmost glacier 2017 terminus location.  On the east side …