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October 28, 2016

Coley Glacier Retreat, James Ross Island, Antarctica

Coley Glacier terminus comparsion in Landsat images from 2000 (red arrows) and 2016 (yellow arrow) ¬†indicating a retreat of 2 km along the western side and 1 km along the eastern side. ¬†Purple dots indicate the transient snowline and the purple arrow an area of debris exposed with glacier thinning.¬† Coley Glacier is a tidewater glacier on the northeast side of James Ross Island near the tip of the Antarctic …


March 4, 2012

Rohss Bay Glacier Retreat, James Ross Island, Antarctica

In January 1995 the Prince Gustav Ice Shelf connecting James Ross Island to the Antarctic Peninsula collapsed (Glasser et al 2011). One of the principal glaciers feeding the iceshelf was the outlet glacier from Rohss Bay on James Ross Island. By 1999 this outlet glacier terminus was at the outlet of Rohss Bay. From 1999 to 2009 Rohss Bay opened up as the Rohss Bay glacier retreated 15 km. This …