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March 18, 2012

Himalaya Glacier Index

Himalaya-Pamir-Hindu Kush-Tien Shan-Quilian-Karakoram Range Glacier Change Below is a list of individual glaciers in the Himalaya and high mountains of Central Asia that illustrate what is happening glacier by glacier. In addition to the individual sample glaciers we tie the individual glaciers to the large scale changes of approximately 10,000 glaciers that have been examined in repeat satellite image inventories. In the high mountains of Central Asia detailed glacier mapping …


September 13, 2011

Glacier Retreat Kali Gandaki Headwaters, Nepal

The headwaters of the Kali Gandaki River is in northern Nepal. The basin is identified as having 1025 glaciers covering 2030 square kilometers by ICIMOD. The largest hydropower project is the 144 MW Kali Gandaki A project. The dam is located in Mirmi and the water is then sent through a 6 km long tunnel to Beltari. The Kali Gandaki River is fed by the summer monsoon rains and glacier …


June 18, 2011

Menlung Glacier Retreat, Tibet Glacier Moraine Dammed Lake Expansion

Updated post is from April, 2015. Menlung Glacier is one valley north of the Tibetan border with Nepal and on the south side of Menlungste Peak. Menlung Glacier has a glacier lake at its terminus that is dammed by the glaciers moraine (27.95 N, 86.45 E). The glacier began to withdraw from the moraine and the lake form after the 1951 expedition to the area. The glacier lake is at …