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October 21, 2022

Icemantle Glacier, British Columbia Declinining Rapidly

Icemantle Glacier in Landsat images from 2000-2022 illustrating the retreat exposing a new lake (Point A)  and separation at Point D. Also the lack of snowcover in 2009, 2015 and 2022 indicative of mass balance loss that drives retreat. Icemantle Glacier is on the north side of Greenmantle Peak just north of Snowcap Lake in the Lilloet River Basin of southwest British Columbia. Here we focus on the retreat and …


June 4, 2015

Big Bend Glacier, British Columbia Transitions to Alpine lake

“Big Bend” Glacier is an unnamed glacier west of Big Bend Peak north of Harrison Lake in Southwest British Columbia.  In 1985 the glacier was 2.6 km long filling a low valley with a surface elevation of 1600-1800 m elevation, the topographic map indicates this basic size. Here we utilize Landsat imagery to identify the changes in the glacier from 1985-2014 due to climate change. In essence the glaciated basin …