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May 30, 2016

Tingmiarmit Glacier Retreat Separates Tributaries, South East Greenland

Tingmiarmit Glacier comparison in 1999 and 2015 Landsat images indicating the separation of tributaries at the terminus. The red arrows indicate the 1999 terminus and the yellow arrows the 2015 terminus location.  Point A is peninsula where the tributaries joined, and Point B is a nunatak just upglacier from the 2015 terminus. Tingmiarmit Glacier (Timmiarmiit also) ends in the Tingmiarmit Kangertivat Fjord in southeast Greenland.  The glacier is just south of …


December 14, 2014

East Qorqup Glacier Terminus Disintegration, Greenland

Landsat comparison of Qorqup Glacier in 1993 and 2016.  The red arrows indicate the terminus position in 1993 and the yellow arrows the 2016 terminus. Upwelling at front at pink arrow in 2016. Qorqup Glacier (Qooqqup) is in southern Greenland near Narsarsuaq. The glacier divides shortly above the terminus into an eastern and western glacier branch. Kuussuup Sermia is a distributary glacier of the Qorqup. Here we examine Landsat imagery …