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May 30, 2016

Tingmiarmit Glacier Retreat Separates Tributaries, South East Greenland

Tingmiarmit Glacier comparison in 1999 and 2015 Landsat images indicating the separation of tributaries at the terminus. The red arrows indicate the 1999 terminus and the yellow arrows the 2015 terminus location.  Point A is peninsula where the tributaries joined, and Point B is a nunatak just upglacier from the 2015 terminus. Tingmiarmit Glacier (Timmiarmiit also) ends in the Tingmiarmit Kangertivat Fjord in southeast Greenland.  The glacier is just south of …


March 25, 2012

Epiq Sermia retreat, Greenland

Epiq Sermia comparsion in 1999 and 2017 Landsat images.  The main terminus retreated 1500 m on the north and 1300 m on the south side of the terminus. The area of the nunatak at Point A has expanded. There is limited change in the medial moraine at Point B. The margin of the glacier at Point C at the proglacial lake indicates a 600 m retreat. At Point D between …