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January 12, 2017

Recent Climate Change Impacts on Mountain Glaciers – Volume

Landsat Image of glaciers examined in the Himalaya Range: Chapter 10 that straddles a portion of Sikkim, Nepal and Tibet, China. Notice the number that end in expanding proglacial lakes.¬† This January a book I authored has been published by Wiley. The goal of this volume is to tell the story, glacier by glacier, of response to climate change from 1984-2015. Of the 165 glaciers examined in 10 different alpine …


July 17, 2015

Alpine Glacier-BAMS State of the Climate 2014

  Each year I have the pleasure of writing the Alpine Glacier section of the BAMS State of the Climate report,¬†which covers all aspects of climate during 2014 and is the most significant annual climate report published.. The report was published yesterday. Below is the section on Alpine Glaciers with some added figures. There was also a highlight section published by NOAA based on this section. Alpine Glaciers – Mauri …