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November 27, 2015

A Voice for Glaciers at COP21

During the last six years From a Glaciers Perspective has published 520 Posts examining the response of glaciers to climate change.  No hyperbole has been needed to use words such as disappear, fragmented, disintegrated, and collapse.  Glacier by glacier from the fragmentation of glaciers to the formation of new lakes and new islands has emphasized the changing map of our world as glaciers retreat.   The story details change, but the story …


July 19, 2014

Alpine Glaciers-BAMS State of the Climate 2013

The post below is the chapter from the BAMS State of the climate 2013, that I author each year. Full report which is the most comprehensive assessment of climate in 2013. Alpine Glaciers – Mauri S. Pelto The World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS) record of mass balance and terminus behavior (WGMS, 2013) provides a global index for alpine glacier behavior. Mass balance was -638 mm in 2012, negative for the 22nd consecutive …