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July 2, 2020

Global Glacier Change Bulletin 3 (WGMS) Reports Increasing Mass Balance Losses

Figure 1. Regionalized mean annual mass balance of WGMS reference glaciers 1980-2018, with 2019 being a mean of reference glaciers. Glaciers have been studied as sensitive indicators of climate for more than a century and are now experiencing a historically unprecedented decline (Zemp et al, 2015).  Glacier fluctuations in terminus position, mass balance and area are recognized as one of the most reliable indicators of climate change. This led to …


December 4, 2017

Global Glacier Change Bulletin-Many Glaciers Same Story

  Cumulative glacier mass balance losses reported by WGMS by region, all glacier, reference glaciers and geodetic mass balance (Sholes Glacier, WA in background).  The data set size, location and type changes but the story remains the same, mass loss resulting from global temperature increase. The World Glacier Monitoring Service has released the second bulletin of Global Glacier Change.  The bulletin provides detailed global and regional information on alpine glaciers …


March 12, 2012

Glacier Index of Posts

Glacier Index List Below is a list of the individual glacier posts examining our warming climates impact on each glacier. This represents the first 2.7 years of posts, 180 total posts, 166 different glaciers. I have worked directly on 40. The others are prompted by fine research that I had come across, cited in each post or inquiries from readers and other scientists. I then look at additional often more …