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March 6, 2023

Snowcover Free Glaciers Generates Fragmenting in Central Andes, Chile

Snowcover free glaciers in the Central Andes in 2014 ad 2023 Landsat images. The ongoing fragmentation and retreat is evident at Point A-H, see closeup details below. The glacier as Point B has melted away, At Point G and H glacier tributaries have separated from the Norte Cipreses Glacier in the valley below. At Point D-F expanding bedrock areas amidst glacier driving further fragmentation. Glaciers at Point A and C …


January 2, 2019

Chaba Glacier, Alberta Retreat and Icefall Separation

Chaba Glacier in 1986 and 2018 Landsat images.  Red arrow is 1986 terminus location, yellow arrow 2018 terminus location, pink arrows bedrock steps in icefall area, orange arrow, adjacent glacier and purple dots the snowline. Chaba Glacier is a valley glacier descending from the Chaba-Clemenceau Icefield ending in the headwaters regions of the Athabasca River in Alberta.  Jiskoot et al (2009) examined the behavior of the Clemenceau Chaba Icefield and found that …


June 11, 2014

Shakes Glacier Retreat-Tributary Separation, Alaska

Shakes Glacier drains the southern portion of the Stikine Icefield and terminates in Shakes Lake. It is between the more famous LeConte Glacier to the west and Great Glacier to the east. Larsen et al (2007) indicate recent thinning of 2-4 meters per year on the glaciers along the southern margin of the Stikine Icefield. Here we utilize 1985-2013 Landsat imagery to examine changes in this glacier. The USGS map …


January 17, 2014

Lyell Glacier retreat and separation, New Zealand

The Lyell and Ramsay Glaciers are the northernmost substantial valley glaciers in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Their combined run-off is the chief source of the Rakaia River. The Lyell glacier was first observed by Dr.von Haast in 1862, from Mein’s Knob (M), at the time the glacier was 9 km long and ended close to Mein’s Knob. In 1949 Lyell glacier extended east from Rangiata Col some 7 …