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March 15, 2020

Glacier Retreat Drives 400% Lake Expansion Southern Alps, New Zealand 1990-2020

Landsat images  from 1990 and 2020 of the Mueller (M), Hooker (H), Tasman (T) and Murchison (Mn) Glacier.  Red arrows indicate the 1990 terminus location, yellow arrows the 2020 terminus location and pink arrows the upglacier extent of debris cover in 1990. Glaciers of the Southern Alps of New Zealand have been losing ice volume since 1978, with an increasing rate in the last decade (Pelto, 2016).  Gjermundsen et al …


March 17, 2017

Bridge Glacier Terminus Collapse, BC, 4 km retreat 1985-2016

Bridge Glacier comparison in 1985 and 2016 Landsat Images.  Red arrow is the 1985 terminus, yellow arrow the 2016 terminus and purple arrows indicate locations where tributaries have separated between the two dates.  Bridge Glacier is an 17 km long outlet glacier of the Lillooet Icefield in British Columbia. The glacier ends in a rapidly expanding glacial lake and had an observed retreat rate of 30 m per year from …


November 7, 2016

Thulagi Glacier, Nepal Retreat and GLOF Potential

  Thulagi Glacier change in Landsat images from 1991 and 2016.  Red arrow is 1991 terminus, yellow arrow 2016 terminus and purple arrow increasingly exposed bedrock rib amidst icefall. Written With Prajjwal Panday: @prajjwalpanday Thulagi Glacier terminates in a lake referred to both as Thulagi and Dona Lake. ICIMOD (2011) has identified this as a potential threat for a glacier lake outburst flood (GLOF) and has conducted extensive fieldwork there.  Thulagi Lake …