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November 27, 2015

A Voice for Glaciers at COP21

During the last six years From a Glaciers Perspective has published 520 Posts examining the response of glaciers to climate change.  No hyperbole has been needed to use words such as disappear, fragmented, disintegrated, and collapse.  Glacier by glacier from the fragmentation of glaciers to the formation of new lakes and new islands has emphasized the changing map of our world as glaciers retreat.   The story details change, but the story …


August 2, 2015

Embarking on the 32nd Annual North Cascade Glacier Climate Project

  Sholes Glacier snowcover Aug. 5, 2013 (Jill Pelto) and Sholes Glacier July 23, 2015 (Oliver Grah) For the 32nd straight summer we will be investigating North Cascade glaciers and their response to climate change over the next three weeks (that means no new posts until Aug. 20).  In 1984 the program was initiated to study the impacts of climate change across an entire mountain range, instead of on just one glacier. …


June 19, 2015

Slender Glacier, Brooks Range, Alaska: Rapid Retreat 1992-2014

Slender Glacier is not an official name, but a well suited name to this glacier in the Romanzof Mountains of the Brooks Range of Northern Alaska.  It is adjacent to the Okpilak Glacier and drains into the Okpilak River, which is host to arctic grayling. Here we examine Landsat imagery from 1992-2014 to identify changes. U-Alaska-Fairbanks has an ongoing program in the nearby Jarvis Creek Watershed examining in part how will the …


December 7, 2014

Sinclair Glacier Retreat, Alaska

Sinclair Mountain is on the east side of the Lynn Canal in southeast Alaska. The mountains hosts too substantial glacier, the south flowing unnamed glacier is referred to here as Sinclair Glacier. This glacier terminated in a lake in the 1982 map of the Skagway region. I observed this glacier from the air in 1982 and it was ending in this lake. Here we examine Landsat imagery from 1984 to …


June 30, 2014

West Speel Glacier Retreat and Lake Formation, Southeast Alaska

West Speel Glacier is an unnamed glacier that drains the same icefield as the Wright and Speel Glacier 45 km southeast of Juneau, Alaska. Here we examine the changes in this glacier from 1984-2013 using Landsat imagery. Google Earth image In 1984 the glacier ended on an outwash plain at the head of a branch of Speel River. The red arrow indicates the 1984 terminus for each image, the purple …