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November 10, 2019

Shie Glacier, Bhutan-China Retreat Reduces Lake Contact

Shie Glacier Bhutan-China in Landsat images from 1996 and 2019.  Red arrow is the southern terminus location in 1996, yellow arrow the 2019 terminus location and red dots the margin of the eastern terminus in contact with the lake in 1996. Shie Glacier terminates in a lake on the northern flank of the Bhutan Himalaya draining north from Kangphu Kang, in a region that is claimed by both China and …


June 27, 2011

Brady Glacier Retreat Leads to Rapid Lake Expansion 2004-2010

This post details changes in Brady Glacier between the 2004 Google Earth imagery and a 2010 Landsat image and that are examined in more detail by (Pelto et al, 2013). A detailed look at retreat up to 2004 is detailed in a previous post on Brady Glacier.. Brady Glacier is a large glacier at the south end of the Glacier Bay region, Alaska. When first seen by George Vancouver it …