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September 24, 2018

Brady Glacier, Alaska Nunatak Expansion and High Snowline 2018

Emergence of Nunataks at Point A, B and C at 850 m on Brady Glacier from 1986 and 2018 Landsat Images.  Transient snowline on 9/21/2018 indicated by purple dots. Brady Glacier,  is a large Alaskan tidewater glacier, in the Glacier Bay region that is beginning a period of substantial retreat Pelto et al (2013). Pelto et al (2013) noted that the end of season observed transient snowline averaged 725 m from 2003-2011, …


July 4, 2016

McBride Glacier Increased Retreat and Harbor Seals, Glacier Bay, Alaska

McBride Glacier (M), its secondary terminus (Ms), MCbride Inelt (MI) and Riggs Glacier (R) in Landsat image comparison from 1985 and 2015.  The red arrows indicate the 1985 terminus location and the yellow arrows the 2015 terminus location.  Main terminus 4.4 km retreat, secondary terminus 2.7 km retreat. McBride Glacier was part of the Muir Glacier complex in Glacier Bay, Alaska, until the 1960’s when it separated from Muir and adjacent …


October 6, 2015

Fingers Glacier, Alaska loses a finger to melting

Landsat comparison of terminus area of Fingers Glacier 1986 and 2015 Fingers Glacier flows from the southern end of the Fairweather Range to the coastal plain, where is expands into a segmented piedmont lobe. The southernmost finger is heavily debris covered. In the Mount Fairweather B-4 quadrangle USGS map based on 1951 aerial photographs the glacier has four prominent fingers each eroding its own basin.  Here we examine Landsat imagery to …


October 1, 2015

Palma Glacier, Alaska Retreat Opens Lake Passage

An August 1986 and September 2015 Landsat Image of Palma Glacier, 1986 terminus yellow arrow. Palma Glacier is an unnamed glacier just west of Brady Glacier and Glacier Bay that is the principal glacier draining into Palma Bay.  Here we examined the changes in this glacier from 1986 to 2015 with Landsat Imagery.  The glacier has terminated in a lake at the head of a river draining into Palma Bay at …