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March 15, 2018

Easton Glacier, Mount Baker, WA Annual Retreat & Mass Loss 1990-2017

Mass balance, terminus and supra glacial stream assessment are illustrated in the video, Filmed by Mauri Pelto, Jill Pelto, Melanie Gajewski, with music from Scott Powers. This is the story of  the annual monitoring of Easton Glacier, Washington.  We have been monitoring Easton Glacier on Mount Baker, a stratovolcano in the North Cascade Range, Washington since 1990.  Each year we survey the terminus position, measure its mass balance, assess crevasse depths …


July 14, 2012

Easton Glacier Assessment, Washington

In August we will be making a detailed study of the Easton Glacier for the 23rd consecutive summer. Our main focus is measurement of snow depth and snow melt on the glacier. We will be mapping the terminus position and two profiles of the surface elevation across the glaciers at 1800 m and 1950 m. We will also examine two new bedrock knobs that have melted out in the midst …