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February 8, 2017

Lumding Glacier Rapid Retreat, Nepal 1992-2016

Landsat comparison of Lumding Glacier terminating in Lumding Tsho. Red arrow on each Landsat image indicates 1992 terminus and yellow arrow 2016 terminus location. Lumding Glacier, Nepal terminates in Lumding Tsho, a proglacial lake, in Dudh Khosi Valley in the Mount Everest region of Nepal. This lake poses a hazard for a glacier lake outburst flood in the Dudh Khosi valley. The lake expansion results from retreat of the Lumding Glacier. International …


February 3, 2017

Hinku Nup, Nepal Downwasting Lake Development

Hinku Nup Glacier in November 2016 Sentinel 2 image.  Yellow arrows indicate three supraglacial lakes that have formed.   Hinku Nup is a valley glacier in the Dudh Khosi basin in the Mount Everest region of Nepal.  The glacier is heavily debris covered in its lowest 4 km which is a low slope section extending from 5100-4900 m.  In 1992 Landsat images there are only small supraglacial lakes, less than 100 …


September 6, 2016

West Hongu Glacier Retreat-Ablation Extending into January, Nepal

Landsat comparison of West Hongu Glacier snowline, purple dots from October 2015 to January 2016. The red arrow indicates the 1993 active terminus location and the yellow arrow the 2015 active terminus location.  West Hongu Glacier is a small glacier in the Dudh Khosi Basin of Nepal. The glacier drains the east side of Ama Dablam Peak. Shea et al (2015) noted that glaciers in the Dudh Khosi Basin of Nepal lost 16% …