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January 25, 2017

Columbia Glacier, Alberta 3 km Retreat 1986-2015

Comparison of Columbia Glacier, which is the glacier flowing into the lake at top in 1986 and 2015 Landsat images. The red arrow is the 1986 terminus, yellow arrow the 2015 terminus position and purple arrow the tributary. The Columbia Glacier drains the northwest side of Columbia Icefield into the Athabasca River in Alberta. The glacier in 1964 was 8.5 km long, by 1980 9.5 km long and in 2015 6.2 …


February 28, 2013

Saskatchewan Glacier Retreat, Alberta

The Saskatchewan Glacier is a major outlet glacier of the Columbia Icefield in Alberta. The glacier is a 12 km long valley glacier draining east from the icefield that ends within 6 km of Highway 93. This accessibility has led to numerous examinations of this glacier. The glacier is not as famous as its neighbor to the north Athabasca Glacier which the same highway brings a visitor to a parking …