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December 10, 2022

Zemo Svaneti Glaciers, Georgia Not Poised for Survival

Ladevali (L), Tsaigmili (T), Baki (B), and Cherinda Glacier (C) in Sentinel false color image from August 30, 2022. Illustrating that each has 10% or less of the glacier surface retaining snowcover. Several glaciers at the headwaters of the Doira River in the Zemo Svaneti Planned National Park in the Georgian Caucasus have been stripped of snowpack during recent summers. A glacier without a zone a persistent snowcover throughout the …


July 25, 2020

Dzhikiugankez Glacier, Russia Persistent Limited Retained Snowpack 2013-2020

Dzhikiugankez Glacier in 1985 and 2020 Landsat images with the snowline shown by purple dots. A tributary at Point A has disappeared and tributary at the red arrow has separated.  Thinning and marginal retreat is emphasized by blue and green arrows. Dzhikiugankez Glacier (Frozen Lake) is a large glacier on the northeast side of Mount Elbrus, Caucasus Range. The primary portion of the glacier indicated in the map of the …