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January 25, 2017

Columbia Glacier, Alberta 3 km Retreat 1986-2015

Comparison of Columbia Glacier, which is the glacier flowing into the lake at top in 1986 and 2015 Landsat images. The red arrow is the 1986 terminus, yellow arrow the 2015 terminus position and purple arrow the tributary. The Columbia Glacier drains the northwest side of Columbia Icefield into the Athabasca River in Alberta. The glacier in 1964 was 8.5 km long, by 1980 9.5 km long and in 2015 6.2 …


September 1, 2015

Mount Caubvick Glacier Retreat, Labrador

Mount Caubvick is in the Torngat Mountains of Labrador 35 km inland of the Atlantic Ocean and south of Nachvak Fjord. Way et al (2014) identified 105 active glaciers that had flow indicators in these mountains.  The mean elevation of these glaciers is quite low at 776 meters above sea level. The radiational shading and higher accumulation from protected cirque locations and proximity to the ocean are key to the low …


April 9, 2015

Rapid Retreat of Freshfield Glacier, Alberta 1964-2014

The Freshfield Glacier is a large glacier southeast of the Columbia Icefield in the Canadian Rockies where recent retreat  has exposed a new glacier lake.  Today the glacier is 9.8 km long beginning at 3070 meters and ending at 2000 m near the shore of the less than 5 year old lake. This glacier during the Little Ice Age stretched 14.3 km, one of the longest in the entire range extending …


March 16, 2015

Conway Glacier Separation and Retreat, Alberta

Conway Glacier drains east from the border with British Columbia into the Howse River. The Howse River joins the Saskatchewan River upstream of the Bighorn Hydropower project, which impounds Lake Abraham and produces 120 MW of power. The map of this area was updated based on 1990 images which indicate Conway Glacier is comprised of two lobes that join near the terminus.   An inventory of glaciers in the Canadian Rockies indicate area loss …


March 9, 2011

Warren Glacier Retreat, British Columbia, Canada

Warren Glacier in Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada terminus retreat has been observed for over a century. A period of extensive retreat from 1890-1964 was followed by a period of minor advance from 1973-1977, and then rapid retreat from 1977-2009. Johannes Koch has documented this retreat in the map below and with the historic images as well, the work has been published with less colorful graphics (Koch et al., …