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December 31, 2012

Snowcap Creek Glacier Retreat, British Columbia

Snowcap Creek Glacier is one valley north of Stave Glacier in the Garibaldi Provincial Park Region of British Columbia. The retreat of glaciers in this region has been well documented by Koch et al (2009). The response varies from a glacier like the Helm Glacier which is melting away to the Snowcap Creek Glacier which is has been rapidly retreating but has remained vigorous. Landsat images and Google Earth images …


July 3, 2011

Spectacular Retreat of Melbern Glacier, British Columbia

The combined Melbern and Grand Pacific Glacier with a length of 55 km and width of 2-5 km, is a large valley glacier draining from the Saint Elias Mountains near the British Columbia-Alaska boundary. The glacier separates into two distinct glacier termini at Grand Pacific Pass. One of the tongues, Melbern Glacier, flows 20 km northwest ending in . Grand Pacific Glacier flows southeast to Tarr Inlet of Glacier Bay, …