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October 4, 2021

Blackfoot and Jackson Glacier, Montana Lack Accumulation Zone in 2021

Jackson and Blackfoot Glacier in late August and early September Sentinel 2 false color images. Point A indicates exposed ice showing annual layers. Point B indicates exposed firn that had been retained through previous summers. The gray color of the firn indicates how dirty it is and that its albedo would enhance melting.  The yellow arrow indicates the one patch of retained snow in 2021 on Blackfoot Glacier with no …


August 31, 2017

Blackfoot Glacier, Glacier National Park Slow Recession Indicates Persistence

Comparison of Blackfoot Glacier in August Landsat images from 1998, 2015 and 2017 Blackfoot Glacier is the second largest glacier in Glacier National Park in Montana.  The glacier is on the north side of Mount Blackfoot and is close to two other glaciers Harrison and Jackson.  Glacier National Park over the last decade has initiated and maintained an extensive glacier monitoring program led by Dan Fagre.  This program has led …