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January 8, 2018

Safuna & Arhuey Glacier, Peru Retreat from Lakes

Safuna Glacier (S) and Arhuey Glacier (A) in 1992 and 2017 Landsat images indicating glacier retreat from the 1992 terminus red arrow to the 2017 terminus position yellow arrow.  Snowline indicated by purple dots. Safuna Glacier (S) is at the northern end of the Cordillera Blanca Range, Peru flowing north from Nevados Pucajirca.  Arhuey Glacier (A) is adjacent to Safuna and flows west formerly terminating in Arhuey Lagunacocha impounded by …


March 22, 2012

Arhuey Glacier Retreat, Peru

The Cordillera Blanca, Peru has the greatest concentration of glaciers of any region in the tropics. Glacier mass balance losses and glacier area losses in this range have been large since 1990 (Rivera,INRENA) Laguna Arhueycocha is proglacial lake dammed by a glacier end moraine emplaced by the Arhuey Glacier (AG) during the Little Ice Age. The glacier currently terminates in this lake. Moraine dammed lakes can be a hazard as …