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April 10, 2023

Glaciers Across the Central Andes Snowcover Free Summer 2023

Bajo del Plomo Glacier, Argentina in Sentinel image with no retained snowcover this summer, and rapid bedrock expansion at Point A-C. This is 2nd consecutive year without retained snowcover for this glacier at the head of the Rio Plomo. For an alpine glacier to thrive it must remain 50-60% snowcovered throughout the year, even at the end of the summer. To survive it must have consistent significant snowcover at the …


January 28, 2019

Turbio Glacier Retreat, Argentina Generates New Lake

Turbio Glacier retreat from 1986 to 2018 in Landsat images.  Red arrow is 1986 terminus location, yellow arrow 2018 terminus location and pink arrow glacier across the border in Chile. Turbio Glacier is at the headwaters of the Turbio River, Argentina and flows into Lago Puelo.  The glacier descends east from  Chile/Argentina border at 1500 m descending into a low slope valley at 1300-1000 m.  From 1986-2018 this glacier like …