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November 23, 2020

Coley Glacier and Sjögren Glacier, Antarctic Peninsula Exhibit Rapid Melt Feb. 2020

Coley Glacier in Landsat images from Feb. 4, 2020 and Feb. 13, 2020. Magenta dots indicate the snowline The impact of a period of record warm weather over the Antarctic Peninsula during February 2020 was rapid development of melt features and expansion of melt area on many glaciers near the tip of the Peninsula, where the temperature records were set at Esperenza and Marambio Base. Here we examine Landsat imagery at Coley …


February 13, 2019

Boydell Glacier, Antarctica Rapid Retreat 2001-2017

Boydell Glacier, Antarctica retreat in Landsat images from 2001 and 2017,  terminus in 2001 at red dots in 2017 at yellow dots.  A-E are reference points.  Boydell Glacier flows east from the northern Antarctic Peninsula and prior to the 1980’s was joined with the Sjogren Glacier as a principal feeder glacier to Prince Gustav Ice Shelf.  This 1600 square kilometer ice shelf connecting the Peninsula to James Ross Island disintegrated in the …


November 10, 2011

Retreat of Prospect Glacier, Antarctic Peninsula

Prospect Glacier flows into the Sea on the E=West Coast of Antarctica. The glacier used to drain into the Wordie Ice Shelf which was formerly located at 69o on the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. In a joint study released by the USGS and British Antarctic Survey (BAS) the history of the Wordie Ice Shelf is reviewed. Below is the view in a Landsat 1979 image of the ice …