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July 21, 2016

Sjögren Glacier Fast Flow, Fast Retreat, Antarctica

Sjögren Glacier comparison in Landsat images from 2001 and 2016, red dots indicate terminus position, Point A, B, C and D are in fixed locations.  Sjögren Glacier flows east from the northern Antarctic Peninsula and prior to the 1980’s was a principal feeder glacier to Prince Gustav Ice Shelf.  This 1600 square kilometer ice shelf disintegrated in the mid-1990’s and was gone in 1995 (Cook and Vaughan, 2010). Scambos et al (2014) …


November 10, 2011

Retreat of Prospect Glacier, Antarctic Peninsula

Prospect Glacier flows into the Sea on the E=West Coast of Antarctica. The glacier used to drain into the Wordie Ice Shelf which was formerly located at 69o on the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. In a joint study released by the USGS and British Antarctic Survey (BAS) the history of the Wordie Ice Shelf is reviewed. Below is the view in a Landsat 1979 image of the ice …