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April 27, 2020

Vern Ritchie-Battle Glacier, British Columbia Retreat, Lake Growth, Snowline Rise

Vern Ritchie (VR) and Battle Glacier (B) in 1987 and 2019 landsat images.  Three proglacial lakes have expanded at Points 2-5. WN=West Nunatak Glaier, Y=Yakutat Glacier N=Novatak Glacier, purple dots indicate snowline and green arrows indicate glacier flow direction. Vern Ritchie and Battle Glacier flow from the Alaska/Canada border of the St. Elias Mountains towards the Alsek River. In 1987 the two glaciers that share both an accumulation zone and …


November 27, 2017

Alsek Glacier, Alaska Retreat & Glacier Separation

Alsek Glacier in a 1984 Landsat image and 2017 Sentinel image.  Red arrows indicate 1984 terminus, yellow arrows 2017 terminus location, pink arrows tributaries that joined the glacier in 1984 and purple dots the snowline.  AR=Alsek River, G=Gateway Knob and P=Prow Knob. Alsek Glacier descends from the Fairweather Range terminating in Alsek Lake on the coastal plain. The glacier terminated at Gateway Knob (G) near the outlet of Alsek River …


May 1, 2016

North Fork Grand Plateau Glacier, Alaska-Spectacular 3 km Retreat 2013-15

North Fork Grand Plateau Glacier comparison in 2013 and 2015 Landsat images.  Illustrating the rapid retreat and lake expansion in just two years. Pink arrow is 1984 terminus, red arrow is the 2013 terminus and yellow arrow 2015 terminus. The orange dots are the 2013 terminus.  The Alsek Glacier is a large glacier draining into Alsek Lake and the Alsek River in southeast Alaska  Its neighbor the Grand Plateau Glacier has one fork  flows north and …


January 30, 2014

North Alsek Glacier Retreat-Lake Formation, Alaska

North Alsek Glacier comparison in 1984 and 2015 Landsat images.  Illustrating the formation of proglacial lake due to glacier retreat. Red arrow is the 1984 terminus and yellow arrow 2013 terminus.  Point A is and island.  The Alsek Glacier is a large glacier draining into Alsek Lake and the Alsek River. The first glacier upriver of Alsek Glacier flowing from the east and ending on the Alsek River valley floor …


January 26, 2014

Walker Glacier Retreat and Lake Development, Alaska

Google Earth Image indicating flow of Walker Glacier. Walker Glacier terminates adjacent to the Alsek River, a popular rafting river route. Many rafting trips visit Walker Glacier since it is close to river, has a low slope and few crevasses.In 1984 the glacier ended as a piedmont lobe separated from the river by meters. Today the terminus has retreated into a lake basin at the terminus. Here we examine Landsat …


January 12, 2014

East Novatak Glacier Retreat, Alaska

Landsat comparison of East Novatak Glacier from 1984 to 2013.  Red arrow is 1984 terminus, yellow arrow 2013 terminus.  B denotes an expanding proglacial lake. Novatak Glacier and a large unnamed south-flowing glacier to the east, here designated as East Novatak Glacier, were connected when first mapped by the International Border Commission in the 1906-08 period. By the 1950’s maps indicated the Novatak and East Novatak Glacier have separated, with …