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September 21, 2021

Bonnet Glacier, Alberta Displays Symptoms Indicative it Cannot Survive

Bonnet Glacier in Sentinel 2 images indicating the emergence of bedrock due to thinning in the former accumulation zone, Point A. Note the lack of retained snowcover in both years with at least a month left in the melt season. Bonnet Glacier, Alberta drains north from Bonnet Peak in the Sawback Range 30 km east of the Rocky Mountain Crest. It is at the headwaters of Douglas Creek that feeds …


September 11, 2014

Fraser Glacier, Separation and Retreat Alberta

Fraser Glacier, Alberta on the southern flank of Bennington Peak in Jasper National Park drains into the Athabasca River not the Fraser River. The glacier was reported in the USGS satellite image atlas as having a length of 3.5 km in the 1970’s. In Canadian Topographic maps the glacier extends for over 3.0 km from 2900 m to 2200 m. Today the glacier is barely half that length. The glacier …