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March 15, 2023

Volcan Peteroa Glaciers Argentina/Chile Fragment During Snow Cover Free Summers

Volcan Peteroa glaciers in Sentinel images from March 2016 (below) and March 2023 (above). This illustrates fragmentation, 50% area loss, and a new lake formation. All the result of repeated snowcover free glaciers.  For an alpine glacier to survive it must remain mostly snowcovered throughout the year, even at the end of the summer. This is one reason for the majesty of glaciated mountains, they shine brightly even in summer.  …


February 16, 2023

Rio Atuel Glaciers, Argentina Stripped of Snowcover February 2023

Snowcover loss on Cofto, Fiero and Del Humo Glacier in Sentinel images from January 13 and February 9, 2023, snowpack diminished from 45% to less than 3%. Rio Atuel drains from the high Central Andes in Western Argentina and is a snow and glacier fed system In the headwaters region there are a series of glaciers that have been losing mass and retreating.The most negative mass balance rates from 2000–2018 …