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March 1, 2019

Skilak Glacier, Alaska Retreat and Salmon Connection

Skilak Glacier in 1986 and Sept. 2018 Landsat images.  In 1986 icebergs and remnant glacier fill nearly the entire lake.  The snowline in 1986 is at 1200 m and is at 1300 m in 2018. Red arrow is the 1982 terminus location and yellow arrow is the 2018 terminus location. Point A and C are bedrock outcrops at around 1200 m that have expanded. Skilak Glacier is an outlet glacier on …


October 30, 2018

Wrangell Mountain Icefields, Alaska Lose their Snowcover 2016 and 2017

Mount Gordon Icefield (MG) Mesa Creek Icefield (MC) and Icefield Plateau (IP) in 2016 and 2017 Landsat imagery.  The purple dots indicate the areas with retained snowcover in both years. Nabesna Glacier (N) is the largest glacier in the Wrangell Mountains, just a corner seen here. Mount Gordon Icefield (MG) Mesa Creek Icefield (MC) and Icefield Plateau (IP) are three neighboring Icefields in the Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park and Preserve …


October 15, 2018

Meade Glacier, Alaska 4 km Retreat 1986-2018

Meade Glacier in Landsat images from 1986 and 2018.  The red arrow indicates the 1986 terminus, pink arrow the 2014 terminus, yellow arrow the 2018 terminus, orange arrows tow tributaries to Meade Glacier and the purple dots the snowline. Meade Glacier drains the northwest portion of the Juneau Icefield, with meltwater entering the Katzehin River and then Chilkoot Inlet. The glacier begins in British Columbia and ends in Alaska. Here …


September 28, 2018

Taku Glacier, Alaska in 2018 Highest Snowline in 70+ years

Taku Glacier transient snowline (purple dots) in Landsat images from 7/21 and 9/16/2018. The Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP) has been examining the glaciers of the Juneau Icefield since 1946. Until the NASA Landsat program began, field measurements and aerial observations were the only means to observe the glaciers of the icefield. For more than 40 years it was Maynard Miller, U of Idaho, who led this expedition that has trained so …


September 24, 2018

Brady Glacier, Alaska Nunatak Expansion and High Snowline 2018

Emergence of Nunataks at Point A, B and C at 850 m on Brady Glacier from 1986 and 2018 Landsat Images.  Transient snowline on 9/21/2018 indicated by purple dots. Brady Glacier,  is a large Alaskan tidewater glacier, in the Glacier Bay region that is beginning a period of substantial retreat Pelto et al (2013). Pelto et al (2013) noted that the end of season observed transient snowline averaged 725 m from 2003-2011, …


September 14, 2018

Yakutat Glacier Terminus Collapse Nears Completion, 45 km2 lost 2010-2018

Landsat images from 2010 and 2018 with terminus indicated by yellow dots in both, the orange dots indicate 2010 margin on 2018 image. Point A indicates the 1987 terminus location, pink arrows indicate icebergs. Main terminus now extends south near Point C. Northern terminus extends west from Point B. Yakutat Glacier, Alaska has experienced a spectacular retreat in the last decade losing 45 km² from 2010-2018.  The Yakutat Glacier during the 1894-1895 Alaskan …


September 12, 2018

Cordova Glacier, Alaska Loses a Lake & a Tributary

Cordova Glacier retreat and glacier separation revealed by Landsat images from 1987 and 2018, red arrow is the 1987 terminus position of main glacier and tributaries, yellow arrow is the 2018 terminus location.  Purple dots indicate the snowline and the pink arrow the former location of Rude Lake.  Cordova Glacier is located at the head of the western fork of the Rude River in the Chugach Mountains, Alaska. In USGS …


July 9, 2018

Glaciers Abandon Farragut River Valley, Alaska

The Farragut Glacier  (F) in Landsat images in 1985 and 2017.  The red arrow indicates the 1985 terminus location, the yellow arrow the 2017 terminus location and the purple arrow, two tributaries in 1985 that now no longer connect to the former valley glacier. The glacier now terminates well short of Glory Lake (G) and two new lakes have formed.  The Farragut River drains into Frederick Sound in Southeast Alaska.  …


May 29, 2018

Sherman Glacier, Alaska Diminishing Protective Blanket=Mass Loss

Sherman Glacier, Alaska in Landsat images from 1987 and 2017.  Black arrows indicate tributaries on north side. Purple dots indicate the snowline. Point A indicates a depression formed from lateral recession. Also notice how the debris cover has with glacier flow been shifted downglacier.  Sherman Glacier is in the Chugach Mountains of southern Alaska and is famous for the large landslide triggered by the magnitude 9.0 Good Friday earthquake in …


May 15, 2018

Popof Glacier Retreat, Alaska Features Tributary Separation

Popof Glacier comparison in 1986 and 2016 Landsat images. Red arrow is the 1986 terminus location, yellow arrows the 2016 terminus location, pink arrows indicate two key tributaries and purple dots indicate the snowline. Popof Glacier is at the southern end of the Stiking Icefield in southeast Alaska.  In 1948 the glacier had two terminus sections  that separated around Mount Basargin and then rejoined.  By 1979 the glacier termini were …