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22 August 2019

Reports of multiple fatal landslides in the Wenchuan area of China

Various news agencies in China are reporting multiple landslides triggered by extreme rainfall in the Wenchuan area, and adjacent regions, of China. Reports suggest 44 people have been killed or are missing.


18 February 2019

The giant Daguangbao landslide: superheated steam and hot carbon dioxide

The runout of the one cubic kilometre Daguangbao landslide was controlled by complex processes in a basal layer that may have been just 0.1 mm thick


15 May 2018

The research legacy of the Wenchuan Earthquake: a new review

The research legacy of the Wenchuan Earthquake: a new review Ten years ago the most destructive seismic event in a generation, the Wenchuan Earthquake, struck the Longmenshan in Siichuan Province in China.  I covered the event on this blog – indeed on 12th May 2008, at 07:27 UT, 29 minutes after the Earthquake occurred, I wrote: “it is reasonable to assume that this earthquake will have triggered large numbers of …


15 February 2018

The evolution of post-seismic debris flows

A paper recently published in Engineering Geology (Fan et al. 2018) provides fascinating insights into the evolution of post-seismic debris flows, based on a study in the Wenchuan earthquake area of China


25 April 2017

The 2015 Gorkha earthquake in Nepal: two years on

On the second anniversary of the 2015 Gorkha earthquake, a recent paper compares the landslide distributions for the Nepal and China earthquakes. The results have profound implications for the understanding of potential landslide distributions from future earthquakes.


5 June 2013

China’s earthquake ruins: a memorial ghost town

Last month China unveiled an earthquake memorial park to commemorate the lives lost and damage wrought by the M7.9 Wenchuan earthquake that occurred 5 years ago this May. The Atlantic has a set of great photos showing the haunting site.   In addition to a brand new museum and memorial wall naming the >80,000 who lost their lives, the memorial includes the entire destroyed city of Beichuan, its crumbled and …