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24 December 2020

Top AGU news and views from 2020

As we look back on 2020, we wanted to share some of the top news and views coming out of AGU.


17 December 2020

Highlights from Dec. 16 at #AGU20

Even though it was the second-to-last day at #AGU20, Wednesday was still very busy!


29 April 2019

Un nuevo estudio profundiza en las Nubes de Venus

Investigadores han logrado visualizar lo que sucede en las nubes intermedias de esta gruesa capa en el atmosfero de Venus gracias a imágenes en infrarrojo, y se han topado con sorpresas.


New research takes deeper look at Venus’s clouds

Researchers have used infrared images to spy into the middle layer of Venus’s clouds and they have found some unexpected surprises.


15 December 2017

Lava-filled blocks on Venus may indicate geological activity

A global view of some well-known deformation features on Venus’s surface may indicate it’s capable of crustal motion, and that motion might even be happening today, scientists report.


3 November 2016

Rare molecule on Venus could shed light on planet’s weather

Scientists’ keen detective work may have solved one of Venus’s oldest secrets: why the planet’s atmosphere absorbs ultraviolet light of a specific frequency. The new findings could help scientists better understand Venus’s thick atmosphere and its heat-trapping clouds, according to the study’s authors.


16 June 2015

Don’t Miss This June Sky Show

Kelly Beatty is my “go to guy” for astronomy questions, and he’s been kind enough to come to the AMS Conference on Broadcast Meteorology for years ( he was an invited talk again this year by the AMS Committee on Station Science of which  I’m chair). Kelly writes for Sky and Telescope, and he has a cool podcast about a real sky show later this month. He told us about …


21 December 2012

Fire or Ice? Options for the Apocalypse

Well folks, this is it. As of tomorrow, December 21, 2012, we will reach the end of the current b’aktun of the Mayan Long Count calendar. And then, well, you know what will happen.


5 June 2012

Meeting Under the Transit of Venus

Greetings from Paris! I’ve been here since Saturday afternoon, first taking some time to recover from jet lag and be a tourist, and then yesterday and today I have been at the ChemCam team meeting at the Observatoire de Paris. We’ve had a lot of good discussions: sharing the latest information about how we are getting ready for landing, how to use our various software tools, what sorts of science …


3 January 2011

AGU 2010 – Days 3 and 4: Exoplanets, Impact Basins and Alteration

Now that it’s a New Year, it’s time I wrapped up my AGU 2010 recaps. This post covers Wednesday and Thursday, with lots of good stuff about super-earth exoplanets, impacts on the Moon and Mars, and lasers on Venus!