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5 October 2017

Hurricane Maria: USGS landslide impact maps from Puerto Rico reveal the extent of the devastation

The USGS has started to release maps of landslide impacts in Puerto Rico that have resulted from Hurricane Maria. The damage level is very high.


12 September 2017

Increasing rock avalanche size and mobility in Alaska may be associated with climate change

A new paper (Coe et al. 2017) strongly suggests that the cluster of 24 rock avalanches since 1984 in S. Alaska may be associated with rock permafrost degradation


19 July 2017

Cold Springs swimming hole: a mudflow tragedy in Arizona

On Sunday a mudflow swept through the Cold Springs Swimming Hole in Arizona. Ten people swimming at the popular site were washed away and killed.


9 July 2017

The Willow Creek landslide: a large valley-blocking slide in Wyoming

The Willow Creek landslide is a large-valley blocking earth and mud flow that was discovered last week in the Wyoming Range in the USA


16 June 2017

NTSB report: train collision with a landslide in Northfield, Vermont

In the USA, the NTSB has released a report into a major derailment at Northfield in Vermont, caused by a collision with a small rockslide


15 May 2017

Clinch Mountain in Hawkins County: a large rockslide in Tennessee

This weekend a classic and reasonably large planar rockslide blocked Highway 70 at Clinch Mountain in Hawkins County, Tennessee


12 May 2017

The 2013 Bingham Canyon mine failure: insights into the giant Manefay landslide

Brad Ross, a mining engineer, has provided extensive insights into the events leading up to the vast Manefay landslide at the Bingham Canyon mine in 2013


9 May 2017

Landslide vs Jeep: a new video on Youtube

A video has appeared on video showing what happens when a debris slide side-swipes a Jeep. The circumstances of the landslide are unknown


5 May 2017

The Van Zandt landslide: another great example of landslide mapping using LIDAR

The Van Zandt landslide in Washington State: the value of LIDAR for mapping landslides in densely vegetated and difficult landscapes


28 April 2017

The Oso landslide: a new paper on the material properties and failure mechanism

A new paper examines both the materials and the mechanisms of the 2014 Oso landslide, and proposes a new model that fits all of the available evidence


13 April 2017

Shimla and Idaho: two new, and very different, landslide videos

Two new landslide videos have appeared on Youtube; one from Shimla showing a large slide triggered by construction, and the other on a highway in Idaho, USA


31 March 2017

Point Dume: an interesting new landslide video from California

A video has been posted on Youtube that shows a dramatic landslide that occurred at Point Dume on the Californian coast on 25th March 2017


7 March 2017

Oroville dam: multiple riverbank failures on the Feather River after the flow was abruptly stopped

The rapid drawdown of the water level in the Feather River when the Oroville Dam flow was stopped last week induced multiple riverbank failures downstream


1 March 2017

New images reveal the scale of damage to the Oroville spillway

Flow has been temporarily stopped down the Oroville Spillway in California, allowing the magnitude of the damage to be assessed.


20 February 2017

New landslide videos: San Bernadino National Forest, La Paz and the Big Sur

San Bernadino National Forest landslide video One of a number of new landslide videos that have been published in the last few days comes from San Bernadino National Forest in Southern California, triggered by the latest in a procession of intense rainfall events in recent weeks.  This is a very impressive video of a large landslide in the Forest Falls area.  In many ways the most interesting aspect is the high …


14 February 2017

The enormous scale of the erosion problem at the Oroville Dam site

Images that have appeared online over the last 24 hours dramatically illustrate the vast scale of the erosion problem at the Oroville dam site


13 February 2017

An update on the Oroville Dam spillways – a new phase of erosion leads to evacuation of 130,000 people

Yesterday, erosion on the margin of the Oroville Dam spillways caused concern about a catastrophic collapse. The evacuation of 130,00 people was ordered.


10 February 2017

Oroville Dam: extraordinary erosion, and a crisis, on the spillway

At the Oroville Dam in Calfornia an extraordinary crisis has developed as the spillway undergoes massive, flood-induced erosion


8 February 2017

Further movement of the Eaglepointe landslide in Utah

In the last few days further substantial movement has occurred on the Eaglepointe landslide in North Salt Lake, Utah in response to rainfall


2 February 2017

Demi Lovato reportedly has her house red tagged after a landslide in Hollywood

News reports suggest that after a landslide in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles, a new house belonging to Demi Lovato has been red tagged