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6 July 2016

Monster Typhoon Nepartak Approaching Taiwan

Radar from the Taiwan Weather Service shows the first rain bands approaching Taiwan, Winds are at 150 knots near the center of Nepartak, but it should weaken some before landfall, as it encounters the mountains of Taiwan, and slightly cooler water. It will still be a very dangerous storm though, and it will cross into mainland China, and drop very heavy rainfall over the same area that experienced severe flooding …


Big Trouble Headed to China

Severe flooding has already caused 186 deaths in SE China, and now a super typhoon named Nepartak is headed that way. The storm now has winds of 140 knots, and will pass over Taiwan, and then move into China south of Shanghai in about 2-3 days. It will weaken, but the threat of severe floods is very possible, and they could last for several days, as the storm weakens.. The …