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4 February 2022

The 1979 Nice Airport landslide and tsunami

On 16 October 1979 a landslide in fill at Nice airport triggered a massive submarine landslide and tsunami, which killed at least 8 people.


15 March 2021

Knappensee: a large landslide at an old open cast mining site in eastern Germany

Knappensee: a large landslide at an old open cast mining site in eastern Germany on 11 March 2020, which was captured on video, generated a 1.5 m high tsunami that damaged property on the far side of the lake


11 March 2021

The Tavernola landslide: a potential tsunami-inducing failure causing concern in Italy

The Tavernola landslide: in Italy there is concern that failure of a large rock slope could generate a substantial tsunami in Lago d’Iseo


16 October 2020

Harrison Lake: newly discovered, large, ancient landslides in Canada

Harrison Lake: a nice paper in the journal Landslides (Hughes et al 2020) describes newly discovered, large, ancient landslide deposits in Canada. The two largest landslides would have been tsunamigenic.


15 May 2020

A potential major rock slope failure above Barry Glacier in Alaska

A team of scientists has identified a potentially massive (500 million cubic metre) rock slope failure above Barry Glacier in Alaska


18 December 2019

The demise of Scotch Cap lighthouse

The earthquake was giant, at least magnitude 8.1. The tsunami that resulted killed 159 people in Hawaii, drowned a swimmer in Santa Cruz, banged up fishing boats in Chile and wrecked a hut on Antarctica. The curve of the Aleutians protected much of Alaska, but the five men at Scotch Cap had no chance.


21 November 2019

Geoscientists develop technology to improve forecasting of earthquakes, tsunamis

University of South Florida geoscientists have successfully developed and tested a new high-tech shallow water buoy that can detect the small movements and changes in the Earth’s seafloor that are often a precursor to deadly natural hazards, like earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis.


18 November 2019

90 years after the 1929 Grand Banks earthquake: the hazards of submarine landslides on the western North Atlantic passive margin

On the 90th anniversary of the 1929 Grand Banks earthquake and tsunami, a new study suggests that tsunamigenic submarine landslides may be more common than we thought


24 September 2019

A new analysis of the deadly Anak Krakatau flank collapse

A paper (Williams et al. 2019) published in the journal Geology provides an analysis of the deadly 2018 Anak Krakatau flank collapse. Interestingly, the landslide was surprisingly small to have generated such a large tsunami.


29 May 2019

The Baiyun–Liwan submarine slide: an ancient giant landslide in the South China Sea

In a new paper, Zhu et al. (2019) report the discovery of the giant Baiyun–Liwan submarine slide, which covers an area of c.40,000 sq km in the South China Sea


3 January 2019

Anak Krakatau: Planet Labs imagery of the aftermath of the landslide

Anak Krakatau: @planetlabs have captured excellent imagery, including a high resolution SkySat view, of the aftermath of the landslide


26 December 2018

The Anak Krakatau landslide and tsunami

Sentinel-1 imagery suggests that the landslide that triggered the tsunami on Anak Krakatau appears to have been a large-scale flank collapse. Unfortunately it is difficult to ascertain the current situation on the volcano


19 October 2018

Landslide tsunamis from the Sulawesi earthquake

A new video has appeared on Youtube showing the multiple landslide tsunamis generated by the Sulawesi earthquake in Indonesia.


18 April 2018

Tohoku tsunami impacted home-building habits of eco-engineer heart urchins

In a new study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, researchers explore how tsunamis impact shallow marine environments, also known as benthic environments, and the small, burrowing animals that dwell there.


12 February 2018

Juneau: a very large rockslope failure in Alaska in December 2016

A large rockslope failure occurred at Cowee Creek near to Juneau in Alaska in December 2016, inducing a 9 m high, 90 m wide displacement wave that travelled at least 13 km down the valley


4 January 2018

The Karrat Fjord rock avalanche: a new paper examining the 3D geometry

In a paper just published in the journal Landslides, Gauthier et al. 2017 use a 3D reconstruction to estimate that the tsunamigenic June 2017 Karrat Fjord rock avalanche in Greenland had a volume of 58 million cubic metres.


13 December 2017

Submarine landslides during the growth of volcanic islands

In a new paper, Hunt and Jarvis (2017) demonstrate that multiple large submarine landslides have occurred close to the Canary Islands in the last 7 million years.


8 August 2017

Updates from the Karrat Fjord landslide in Greenland

Various analyses have now been posted about the the tsunamigenic the Karrat Fjord landslide in Greenland, which killed four people


14 July 2017

Understanding the La Palma mega-landslide hypothesis: part 2

Understanding the La Palma mega-landslide hypothesis part 2: the size of the landslide and the scale of the potential tsunami


12 July 2017

Understanding the La Palma mega-landslide hypothesis: part 1

This is the first of a number of posts exploring the La Palma mega-landslide and tsunami hypothesis. This post explores the main structural features.