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6 April 2021

Take 5… open educational resources

Making resources freely available to students has its benefits – but there are also costs. Are the technologies used for these OERs accessible on mobile devices and/or require high-speed access, special browser plug-ins, etc.? Are faculty compensated for preparing the OER, for maintaining/updating the OER? How are current events and societal challenges making it into OER – or are they? The research shows there are clear benefits to students using OER and not having to purchase textbooks – but let’s look at the entire OER system to make sure it is accessible, fair, and sustainable for not only students but faculty as well.


1 April 2015

To adopt or not to adopt a textbook

Today is the deadline for letting my campus bookstore know which textbooks I want to adopt for my courses next semester. Do I select book from the popular press instead of using a traditional college textbook? Or do I want/need both? Or neither?


25 June 2014

Backtrack to… Geology Terminology

Every once in awhile, I come across something (a tweet, an email, etc.) that reminds me of an article I read or conference presentation I heard that I want to go back and revisit.  Recently, my memory was triggered by this tweet: Americans hear & use the term #globalwarming more than #climatehange More differences in here: — Yale Climate Project (@YaleClimateComm) May 28, 2014 Our findings strongly suggest …