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2 November 2022

The role of atmospheric pressure in landslide triggering

A new paper in the journal Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (Pelascini et al. 2022) suggests that atmospheric pressure changes may play a role in landslide triggering during typhoons


28 June 2019

The chains of geologic hazards arising from earthquakes

In a simply wonderful paper just published in Reviews of Geophysics, which is open access, Fan et al. (2019) review the literature on chains of geologic hazards arising from large earthquakes, with a focus on the Ch-Chi and Wenchuan events. 


20 April 2019

Taroko Gorge: a dashcam video of a very near-miss with a co-seismic rockfall in Taiwan

Taroko Gorge: a dashcam video has been posted to Youtube showing a very near-miss with an earthquake-triggered rockfall in Taiwan


7 February 2018

Taroko Gorge: the potential effects of the M=6.4 Hualien earthquake yesterday

The M=6.4 Hualien earthquake yesterday in Taiwan occurred close to Taroko Gorge, which provides the alignment for the Central Cross Island Highway. This is a road that is prone to landslides and rockfalls. It will be fascinating to see how the slopes performed.


11 May 2017

Taiwan landslide hotspots: changing patterns through time

Taiwan landslide hotspots: a new paper shows changing patterns through time in response to the extreme Typhoon Morakot event in 2008


23 December 2016

Jiuhaocha in Pingtung County – more on the impacts of landslides on a mountain village

A blog by C-Y Chen in Mandarin provides details of the long history of landslides at Jiuhaocha Village, Pingtung County in Taiwan


22 December 2016

Jiuhaocha: an example of the extraordinarily dynamic landscape of Taiwan

The aboriginal village of Jiuhaocha in the Central Mountains was destroyed by typhoon Morakot in 2009, illustrating the dynamic landscape of Taiwan


6 October 2016

Liukuo Hot Spring: a major landslide on the Southern Cross Island Highway in Taiwan

Earlier this week a major landslide, caught on video, blocked the Southern Cross Island Highway at Liukou Hot Spring in Taiwan


8 February 2016

Taking responsibility for disaster risk reduction

The recent Taiwan earthquake and the Samarco tailings dam failure both illustrate the critical role of individual responsibility in disaster risk reduction


11 June 2013

Videos of Taiwan earthquake

On June 2, Taiwan was rocked by a pretty large earthquake. The magnitude 6.2 temblor¬†resulted in 4 deaths, ~20 reported injuries, and a great deal of modest damage. EarthquakeVideoMex, a YouTube user/channel with consistently timely access to hard-to-find quake footage, has compiled the rather impressive videos captured during this quake. The Taiwanese appear to have the same affinity for dashboard cameras as the Russians, so a lot of these videos …