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15 August 2019

Help students with a “gravity assist”

This semester, think about providing students a “gravity assist”, a moment in their lives where something or someone helps propel them to their goal(s)


12 March 2018

Improving the interview-a-scientist assignment

Nearly every scientist who’s active on social media or blogging gets requests from students to answer questions for interview-a-scientist assignments. Now, I love the intent of these assignments, which is to get students excited about a science topic by connecting them with an actual living, breathing scientists. However, the execution can be a problem for the scientists.


17 September 2015

Calling All Students: Share, Explore, and Review Your Research from the Comfort of Your Home

AGU is committed to providing ways for students to receive support for and be recognized for their research, from in-person presentations at our meetings and publishing in AGU’s journals, to career advice and opportunities, and participating on Union committees and task forces. In particular, we recognize how important presenting research is to Earth and space science students, but we also know that barriers such as limited funding and time to …


9 September 2015

Teaching students respect for public lands

Are your students aware of what the phrase “public land” means, the history of these lands, and their use of and responsibility towards protecting these lands? Here’s a case for why they *should* have this knowledge.


26 December 2014

Dr. G’s #AGU14 Spotlight – Students Mentoring Students

Can a student-to-student peer mentoring program be effective for first-time AGU presenters? See this story about a sophomore’s first time at AGU, and the graduate student that started at the same institution serving as her mentor.