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9 November 2017

Corinto in Colombia: first satellite images of the mudflow that has killed 4 and left 18 people missing

Corinto in Colombia: first satellite images from Planet Labs of the mudflow that has killed 4 and left 18 people missing on Tuesday


31 August 2017

The Maca landslide: a large, slow-moving slide in Peru

In an article this week in Nature, Jane Palmer describes the Maca landslide, a 60 million cubic metre slow-moving slide in Peru


12 August 2017

La Calera landslide in Colombia – a very interesting, complex failure

In July the very interesting La Calera landslide near to Bogota in Colombia activated in response to rainfall, partially blocking the Rio Blanco


8 May 2017

The Mocoa landslides: new satellite images

GFZ Postdam and ReliefWeb have released a set of PlanetLab satellite images showing the Mocoa landslides which killed over 400 people last month in Colombia


19 April 2017

Losses from landslides in Colombia: the long term picture

Overnight there are reports of further deaths from landslides in Colombia. Data since 2004 suggests that landslides continue to inflict a high cost there


6 April 2017

A tragedy foretold? The Mocoa landslide was anticipated in 2014

An article published in 2014 on a local news site made a chilling prediction of the Mocoa landslide in Colombia last weekend, which killed over 600 people


5 April 2017

Mocoa debris flow: analyses of the event

Mocoa debris flow: analyses of the event The loss of life from the Mocoa debris flow is now known to have exceeded 290 people, of whom 144 are reported to be children, whilst the search continues for those who are missing.  NASA Earth has now published an analysis of the rainfall event that triggered the landslide, noting that: IMERG data were used to estimate the amount of rain that fell …


4 April 2017

Mocoa: the cause of the tragic debris flow in Colombia

Mocoa: the cause of the tragic debris flow in Colombia The tragic debris flow at Mocoa in Colombia at the weekend has garnered considerable media attention internationally.  As of today, the total number of people who are known to have died is 273, many of them children with varying reports of the number missing.  Recovery operations continue on the site, and Colombia has mobilised large-scale resources to provide assistance. There …


20 February 2017

New landslide videos: San Bernadino National Forest, La Paz and the Big Sur

San Bernadino National Forest landslide video One of a number of new landslide videos that have been published in the last few days comes from San Bernadino National Forest in Southern California, triggered by the latest in a procession of intense rainfall events in recent weeks.  This is a very impressive video of a large landslide in the Forest Falls area.  In many ways the most interesting aspect is the high …


30 January 2017

A terrifying and tragic mudslide video from Arequipa in Peru

Dramatic footage has emerged of a mudflow on the Panamerican Sur highway in Arequipa in Peru that caused three people to lose their lives


12 January 2017

Volcan, Argentina: massive mudflows cause major disruption

In the last few days heavy rainfall has triggered a number of major landslides that have affected the towns of Volcan and Tumbaya in Argentina


30 August 2016

The official report into the Samarco Tailings Dam failure in Brazil

Yesterday the official report into the Samarco Tailings Dam failure in Brazil was released. A website has been created to allow the report to be downloaded. The investigation documents a long series of management problems at the site prior to the final collapse.


16 June 2016

Landslide video: a massive landslide takes out a truck in Peru

A new video on Youtube shows a massive landslide taking out a small truck on a mountain road in Peru. The circumstances are unclear.


25 April 2016

Two new landslide videos: Espirito Santo, Brazil and an unknown site in SW China

Espirito Santo rock joint collapses There is an extraordinary video on Facebook showing massive collapses of sheeting joints in Espirito Santo Brazil.  I cannot embed the video, but really recommend that you take a look.  This is the moment of collapse: . The collapse occurred in Pancas County of Espirito Santo in an area of granite massifs. The video was posted by Heinrich Theodor Frank, who provides the following comment …


27 March 2016

Remarkable new footage of the mudflow from the Samarco tailings dam failure in Brazil

A new video has appeared on Youtube showing the remarkable mudflow released by the Samarco Tailings dam failure in Brazil in 2015


3 February 2016

New landslide videos: Aconcagua (again), Muothatal and Pacifica

Three new landslide videos, including a debris flow from Aconcagua, an earthflow from Muothatal in Switzerland and coastal erosion in Pacifica


2 February 2016

Landslides in Chile Part 5: Water waves triggered by landslides and the Mentirosa Island Landslide complex

The Mentirosa Island landslide complex comprises four tsunamigenic soil-rock slides in Patagonia, Chile, with a combined volume of 8 million cubic metres.


27 January 2016

Landslides in Chile 4: The Punta Cola rock avalanche in Aysén Fjord

Triggered by the Mw 6.2 Aysén earthquake in Chile on 21 April 2007, the Punta Cola rock avalanche has a volume of 22.4 million cubic metres


24 January 2016

The greatest ever debris flow video? Aconcagua in Argentina

An amazing video has appeared on youtube showing a debris flow on the flanks of Aconcagua in Argentina. It came very close to killing a group of trekkers


21 January 2016

Landslides in Chile Part 3: the Meson Alto rock avalanche

The Meson Alto rock avalanche is a 4.5 cubic kilometre landslide located in a tributary of the Maipo Valley high in the Andes of Chile.