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19 December 2022

Dr. G’s #AGU22 Spotlight – Shermann “Dilla” Thomas

Shermann “Dilla” Thomas grew up and is a life-long resident of Chicago. He is not a scientist, but a public worker that shared a few tips for us at AGU on sharing our science to help lead the future.


28 November 2022

Excitement! Adventure! Sharing Science at #AGU22

Check out events on science communication, policy, art, multimedia, storytelling, and more at AGU22 (AGU’s Fall Meeting).


17 December 2021

#AntarcticLog: To Antarctica and beyond!

An immigrant to England from India, Prem grew up among a multicultural group of friends, and experienced culture shock as he rose through the ranks of science. His organization works to ease this shock as well as to increase the numbers of minority folks in his field and in the field, to reduce the problem — and enrich science. 


29 November 2021

#AntarcticLog: Happy Antarctica Day!

#AntarcticLog is a series of comics by Karen Romano Young. You can find the originals here. Still full from Thanksgiving? Then maybe you’ll be able to resist a continuation of the cake theme I began last week with my fruitcake comics from the JOIDES Resolution’s expedition to the Amundsen Sea, into which the Thwaites and Pine Island Glaciers are both flowing faster and faster… Pause. Take a deep breath. Time for cake.  …


23 November 2021

Sharing Science at AGU21

Well, it’s that time of year again. No, not the holidays (well, yes, that too). It’s AGU’s Fall Meeting!


6 May 2021

#AntarcticLog: Antarctic Artists

In these still socially-distanced times, one of the things I miss most is a good chin-wag. The chance to sit around the fire or the table, swapping yarns, seems a long way off.  Maybe next autumn?


26 March 2021

#AntarcticLog: How do we see what we can’t see?

More invisible stuff, you cry? What ELSE can comics show that’s tough to see? 

A big part of my Antarctic Artists and Writers program project involved making the invisible visible through visual storytelling — which can mean all kinds of things, but in my case means comics.  


2 March 2021

Social Science, Social Media, and Serendipity

What could possibly have motivated me to boldly attempt a social science research project in the middle of a geophysics PhD? Serendipity.


8 February 2021

Lights, Camera, Action! Video content production and dissemination during distance learning

As much of the world’s population sheltered in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists and organizations stepped forward to create and share ‘zero-budget’ educational video content directly with students and the public. Using only phones, computer cameras, video conferencing apps and tools readily available to us as geoscience professionals, we created video content covering topics ranging from rock identification and interpretation, to the physics of hazards and geotravel.


3 January 2021

#AntarcticLog: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Let’s share a cup of something-or-other for days of time gone by — even if it’s champagne to express our joy at seeing the back of 2020. 


21 December 2020

(Re)introducing the Sharing Science Virtual Learning Hub

For each webinar, we’ve created additional content to convey key points via multiple mediums. I’ve taken to TikTok and Reels to create scicomm videos with my dog. Our own Olivia Ambrogio has flexed her artistic drawing skills by creating <1-minute animations as well as animated webinar summaries. And our graphic design department has been putting together infographic summaries. 


14 December 2020

#AGU20 Sharing Science Week 2 Recap

While last week went really well, this week we found out stride and, with some experience under our belts, had some fun with it.


7 December 2020

#AGU20 Sharing Science Week 1 Recap

One of my favorite features is the ability to watch recordings of the events/sessions afterwards, so if you missed it live, you can catch it later. So, below find a recap of (mostly) Sharing Science events and where to watch them.


1 December 2020

Introducing #AntarcticLog

In 2017, I learned that after several years of applying, I’d finally made the cut: the National Science Foundation was funding me to travel to Palmer Station, Antarctica, under the Antarctic Artists and Writers program, as a member of a team of researchers from the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences.  My plan: to create a visual journal that would show our experiences in writing and drawings.  The intention: to share the journal online for the two-month duration of our trip.


30 November 2020

So you wanna host a Twitter takeover…

A few years ago, when we in Sharing Science first stood up our Twitter account, I had the idea to take over the @IAmSciComm rocur account. Basically, @IAmSciComm (along with all of these accounts) allows users to take control for various periods of time to talk about things related to the account, in this case, scicomm. It was a great experience that allowed us to let the world know about the scicomm tips, tools, and resources that we have, as well as good marketing for our fledgling Twitter account. 


10 August 2020

#AGURocks: Breathing new life (i.e. geology lyrics) into old songs

#AGURocks is a series of posts by musicians who create science-inspired music and explain their process and inspiration while also showcasing their pieces. Learn more about contributing. The views and lyrics expressed in this post and song do not reflect those of Sharing Science and AGU. This week, Ben Edwards. I started playing the acoustic guitar when I was about 10, had a few years of piano and coronet lessons, …


23 July 2020

Reduction of Ice Extent in Arctic Region Cause PDV Transmission Between Arctic and Pacific Region

This article focuses on reduction of sea ice extent in Arctic region which is caused by climate change might introduce many diseases that are locked in Arctic to sub-Arctic regions. The virus they track is called Phocine distemper disease (PDV), and it is a pathogen that majorly causes high rate of mortality in European harbor seals of northern Atlantic Ocean.


8 June 2020

All the ways you can share your science online via Sharing Science

By Shane M Hanlon In-person communication is not happening right now. There’s no other/nicer/softer way to put it. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t communicate your science. We in Sharing Science and AGU more broadly have slew of ways you can scicomm via different mediums and with a whole range of time investment. So, ranked from least amount of time to the most, here is our comprehensive list of …


22 May 2020

#AGURocks: Physical Geography (i.e. Bohemian Rhapsody)

#AGURocks is a series of posts by musicians who create science-inspired music and explain their process and inspiration while also showcasing their pieces. Learn more about contributing. The views and lyrics expressed in this post and song do not reflect those of Sharing Science and AGU. This week, Rob Storrar. Back in March I woke up with, for no discernible reason, the opening lines to Queen’s epic Bohemian Rhapsody in my head, …


6 May 2020

#DrawnToGeoscience: Drawn In

Drawing was never my thing. All through high school, I took ceramics (and a couple metals) classes, and in college I added film photography to my suite of hobbies, but for me drawing was mostly just doodling.