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22 June 2015

Severe Geomagnetic Storm Underway

Update 7:25 PM US EDT: Scott Kelly on the ISS is seeing what he calls the best display he has ever seen from orbit of the aurora: The Kp index is currently at 8 and if that holds, we could see the Northern Lights over the northern half of the U.S. tonight. Europe should be seeing them now, but because we are at the solstice the light lingers at high …


17 March 2015

Severe Geomagnetic Storm May Light Up the Sky with Irish Green Tonight

Two coronal mass ejections over the weekend have arrived at Earth, and are producing a severe geomagnetic storm this evening. Besides causing long-range radio/GPS communication problems, it is already lighting up the aurora, and there is a decent chance of seeing the sky dance with a colorful display of the northern lights later tonight. A good measure of your chance to see the lights is the Kp index, and as …