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4 October 2021

The seismic signals of the Chamoli landslide and debris flow

An interesting paper has just been published in the journal Science, (Cook et al. 2021), which looks at the seismic signals generated by the Chamoli rockslide and debris flow. It concludes that the event was fully detectable by seismic instruments located at up to 100 km from the event.


18 December 2020

Arequipa, Peru: landslides from a M=5.6 earthquake on 16 December 2020

Arequipa, Peru: landslides triggered by a M=5.6 earthquake on 16 December 2020 have been caught on a dramatic video


3 March 2020

Researchers develop new explanation for destructive earthquake vibrations

Two researchers propose that rocks colliding inside a fault zone as an earthquake happens are the main generators of high-frequency vibrations. That’s a very different explanation than the traditional one, they say, and it could help explain puzzling seismic patterns made by some earthquakes. It could also help scientists predict which faults are likely to produce the more damaging quakes.


11 February 2020

A seismic analysis of the 23 July 2019 Shuicheng landslide in China

A seismic analysis of the 23 July 2019 Shuicheng landslide in China, which killed 51 people, has provided a detailed understanding of the failure process


12 June 2019

The 2017 Nayong rock avalanche: an analysis using drone and seismic data

An analysis by Zhu et al (2019) of the dynamics of the 2017 Nayong rock avalanche in China, using a combination of seismic data and drone imagery


25 February 2019

The Baige landslide, Tibet: analysing seismic data to determine mass movement behaviour

The valley-blocking Baige landslide, Tibet in October 2018: an interesting analysis of seismic data to determine rockslide behaviour


2 October 2018

Tracking exploding ice cracks on Himalayan glaciers

In 2017, Evgeny Podolskiy spent more than a week trekking through the Nepalese Himalayas to test the seismic activity of the Trakarding-Trambau Glacier system. In October, the research team and a group of sherpas and porters traveled to an open, debris-free glacier about five kilometers (3.1 miles) above sea level, in full view of Mount Everest.


6 November 2017

The Nuugaatsiaq landslide in Greenland: understanding the failure processes

The Nuugaatsiaq landslide in Greenland: understanding failure processes from the precursory seismic signals (review of a paper)


18 April 2016

Landslides from the Kumamoto earthquake in Japan

The Kumamoto earthquake in Japan appears to have triggered a large number of landslides. This post provides some images of some of the larger landslides


20 October 2015

The Mount Steele rock avalanche: more details from the seismic data

Further analysis of the Mount Steele rock avalanche in the Yukon of Canada shows that the landslide had a volume of about 20 million cubic metres


19 October 2015

First announcement: a giant rock avalanche on the flanks of Mount Steele in the Yukon last week

I can reveal here for the first time that last week a giant rock avalanche was detected by Colin Stark and Goram Ekstrom on the flanks of Mount Steele in the Yukon, Canada