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27 December 2018

Rings make Saturn shadier, bluer and less hazy in winter

Saturn’s rings act like Venetian blinds that block sunlight for the hemisphere that’s tilted farther away from the Sun, limiting winter sunlight. This cuts down on the planet’s haze and golden glow.


22 December 2015

Why Meteorologists Don’t Go By The Same Seasons You Do

To most folks today marks the first full day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but to we meteorologists, it’s been winter since the first of December. NOAA’s National Climate center has written a nice piece today on why we do it that way. Click the image below to read it, and you will see that it makes a lot of sense.   It may not feel like winter int …


7 February 2013

The Mysterious Moving Rocks of Mars

How did the boulders in the picture above end up in clumps and arcs instead of randomly distributed across the surface? That’s the focus of the paper “Possible Mechanism of Boulder Clustering on Mars” by Travis Orloff, Mikhail Kreslavsky, and Eric Asphaug that is currently In Press in the journal Icarus.