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20 November 2017

Science communication and policy workshops at #AGU17

Being able to effectively communicate your science is a crucial skill, no matter the audience. We’re offering two workshops, from general communication, to storytelling via multi- and social media. Register today!


6 November 2017

#TalkClimateNow: Having Conversations about Climate Change

Waiting for that opportunity to talk about climate change with friends and family? That time is now!


30 October 2017

Drawn to Geoscience: Bat Poop Is Helping Scientists Study the Past

Animal poop holds many secrets. Our own JoAnna Wendel shares a comic, and the process behind the creation of the comic, about researchers’ work to identify past wet and dry periods using bat guano.


Plain language supports science communication

By Kate Goggin. This post was originally published by the Center for Plain Language. I love helping scientists translate tech talk into plain language. Often the editing process goes smoothly, but sometimes, they have reservations. The fears I hear most often involve dumbing down the information, or, oversimplifying it. “Those are common complaints,” says Dr. Lisa DiPinto, Senior Scientist at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, and one of my …


24 October 2017

Tell a science story at Fall Meeting with Story Collider!

By Shane M Hanlon The Story Collider is excited to be hosting a storytelling event at AGU’s Fall Meeting in New Orleans on the night of Thursday, 14 December, as part of AGU’s Sharing Science programming at the meeting. We’re seeking true stories about your personal experiences about Earth and space science, especially those related to New Orleans and Louisiana, to be included in the show. These must be science …


23 October 2017

Geoscientist and singer-songwriter shares her creative side at AGU’s Open Mic Night – and you can, too!

Want to show off your creative side at AGU17? Perform at Open Mic Night!


16 October 2017

Public outreach: Be mindful, not fearful

By Shane M Hanlon  One of the most important things to think about when reaching out, especially through means such as social or classic media, or writing letters to media outlets or journals, is that these mediums are public. What you say will be able to be seen by a wide audience and will be available to reference forever. This can be viewed as a barrier to prevent scientists from …


9 October 2017

Share your science during Earth Science Week!

This week is the perfect time to start/expand your scicomm & outreach adventure!


28 September 2017

#dataviz – The (not really) new form a scicomm

Data can be more than numbers on a spreadsheet. It can tell a beautiful story.


22 September 2017

The human side of volcanology at IAVCEI 2017

Every four years, the volcanological community gets together somewhere in the world to spend a week (or two) talking about…you guessed it, volcanoes. And because volcanology – like any ‘disaster science’ – occupies a special intersection of geologic processes and human impacts, there is an inherent social science aspect in its practice.


21 September 2017

Scicommer: Have message, will travel.

Why don’t departmental seminar series include scientists who do scicomm? I think they should.


15 September 2017

Connecting Science to Policy in New York

A group of student scientists went to meet with their congressional member. This is what happened.


5 September 2017

What’s your dream science class?

What’s the class you’ve always wanted to take/teach? Let us know via #scidreamclass!


28 August 2017

Communicating uncertainty in research to the public

By Madeleine Jepsen. This is the second of a two-part series on communicating uncertainty.  Whether it’s a congressman drafting legislation or a family member asking about your research at Thanksgiving dinner, explaining uncertainty in research to a lay audience is an important part of science communication. Recently, Joseph Guillaume, a postdoctoral fellow at Aalto University, published an analysis of how uncertainty is verbally communicated in scientific publications using abstracts from …


23 August 2017

Communicating uncertainty in research papers

What do scientists mean when they say “uncertainty?”


21 August 2017

Scicomm & scipol are becoming integral parts of conferences

SciComm at conferences has always been a thing. Now it’s a big thing.


7 August 2017

Sharing Science is at ESA 2017!!!

Are you in Portland at ESA2017? So is (part of) Sharing Science!


4 August 2017

Do you wanna write a blog post?!

We’re looking guest contributors to our blog!


24 July 2017

Humanizing scientists via #AlongsideScience

Scientists have interests outside of science. #AlongsideScience helps to showcase those interests.


19 July 2017

CV’s, resumes, & scicomm?

By Shane M Hanlon I had a discussion the other day with a friend who is in the process of updating her resume as she’s likely to be promoted at her current job. She was lamenting about how time intensive it was and how she couldn’t quite remember everything that she’s accomplished since her last update while also worrying about what to fit into it due to space constraints. I …