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30 April 2015

U.S. Seismic Network Sees Nepal Quake

A big hat tip to IRIS for this. Keep in mind that the shortest distance to Nepal from the U.S. is over the North Pole, so the seismic waves come from that direction.   From IRIS: IRIS Ground Motion Visualization for the M7.9 earthquake in Nepal April 15, 2015. The visualization shows EarthScope seismic stations picking up the seismic waves generated from the earthquake. Red stations mean the station is …


25 April 2015

Where To Get Some Good Science on The Nepal Quake

I thought I would put together a few links to some good early science reporting on the Nepal Quake. First up is Dave Petley’s Landslide Blog here on the AGU Blogosphere. Dave has some good basic facts on the quake. The Washington Post has a good piece that quotes Geologist Roger Bilham who is an expert on quakes in this region, and he says that this was a severe quake …