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29 August 2019

Atmospheric rivers sometimes soak Alaska

Scientists have long noted these flood-causing/wildfire-relieving “long, narrow plumes of enhanced atmospheric water vapor.” If you were to study weather maps of the entire Earth today, you would see about 11 atmospheric rivers.


26 August 2019

Climate change is altering winter precipitation across the Northern Hemisphere

A team of scientists has successfully teased out the influence of human-caused climate change on wintertime precipitation over much of the last century, showing that the warming climate is significantly altering wintertime rainfall and snowfall across the Northern Hemisphere.


7 August 2019

More intense non-tropical storms causing increased rainfall in Southeast U.S.

A new study in AGU’s journal Geophysical Research Letters examined the region’s precipitation records from 1895 to 2018. The new research found precipitation in the Southeast during the fall increased by almost 40 percent in the past century due to an increase in average daily rainfall rather than the overall number of storms.


26 April 2018

Landslides and monsoon variation in India

In a new Open Access paper, Mahmood et al. 2018 present a new reanalysis of monsoon variation for rainfall for India. A first comparison with the landslide database for 2008 and 2009 suggests that there are really interesting opportunities to understand better the links between the phenomena


21 June 2016

Kumamoto earthquake: post-seismic landslides kill at least three, two missing

Heavy rainfall in the last 24 hours has triggered landslides across the Kumamoto Earthquake zone, killing at least three people and leaving two missing