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13 December 2022

The Gaguney landslide in India: evolution over time

The Gaguney landslide in India: images from Google Earth and Planet Labs allow analysis of the evolution over time of a damaging failure


21 September 2022

The 1 September 2022 rock avalanche on the Ecstall River in British Columbia, Canada

On 1 September 2022 a very large rock/ice avalanche occurred on the Ecstall River in British Columbia, Canada.


12 September 2022

The 11 September 2022 Jagersfontein tailings dam failure

On 11 September 2022 a major tailings dam failure occurred at Jagersfontein in South Africa. The local plume of pollution extends >8 km.


3 May 2022

The Pilar landslide in the Philippines

Planet have captured a high resolution satellite image of the Pilar landslide in the Philippines, which killed 53 people during Tropical Storm Megi.


21 April 2022

Wairoa: hundreds of landslides triggered by heavy rainfall in New Zealand

Wairoa: heavy rainfall in recent weeks has triggered hundreds of shallow landslides in the Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand


19 April 2022

Planet image of the Kantagnos village landslide in the Philippines

Planet have captured a high resolution satellite image of the 11 April 2022 Kantagnos village landslide in the Philippines.


18 February 2022

Planet satellite image of the urban landslides in the Alto da Serra area of Petrópolis, Brazil

Planet has captured high resolution satellite images of the multiple urban landslides in the Alto da Serra area of Petrópolis, Brazil.


19 November 2021

The 29 October 2021 Kameng River rock and ice avalanche in India

Images from Planet indicate that the 29 October 2021 Kameng Valley event was a probably a rock and ice avalanche that originated on a steep slope high in the mountains.


24 December 2020

Top AGU news and views from 2020

As we look back on 2020, we wanted to share some of the top news and views coming out of AGU.


22 April 2020

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day: A teachable moment

[Editor’s Note: This morning, AGU sent the following email to its members. We wanted to make sure everyone received the information, so we posted it here too.] By: Robin Bell, Board President and Brooks Hanson, Executive Vice President, Science The 50th anniversary of Earth Day this year occurs as humanity is working to control a global pandemic. A solution will depend critically on partnership and cooperation among virologists, epidemiologists, health care …


9 July 2019

Scientists Tackle Grand Challenges In the Earth and Space Sciences In New Special Centennial-Themed Collection

One hundred years ago when AGU was founded there were still large unmapped places on our planet and the idea of a person stepping on the moon was a dream. Discovery and wonder have characterized the last 100 years of science as we learned the plates shift, the climate changes, and scientists are studying the Moon, Mars, and beyond in detail. Our species now has a global view of how …


8 May 2019

Hargraves Crater: is this a landslide on Mars? Your views please

Yesterday @HiRISE posted an image of the “Distinctive Lobe of Northern Hargraves Crater Ejecta Blanket”. On Twitter @acwiebusch asks if this is a landslide.


1 February 2019

Brumadinho disaster: the extent of the environmental impact

The human and environmental costs of the Brumadinho disaster in Brazil are becoming increasingly clear, whilst speculation continues as to the causes of the collapse of the tailings dam


30 July 2018

AGU and AAS: Working Together to Expand the Understanding of Exoplanets

AGU and AAS are the fortunate recipients of a major grant from The Kavli Foundation that brings together our communities to advance the science of exoplanets. I’m proud to be a part of these institutions, particularly at critical junctures in with exoplanetary research, since this is exactly the kind of action that needs to be taken at the institutional level to help move the science forward. Exoplanet science ranks among those discoveries that inspire humankind to look beyond and think above …


18 July 2018

Hidroituango: an update

Problems continue at the Hidroituango dam site in Colombia. Last week a significant seismic event was recorded in the power house cavern, which is thought to have been generated by a further rockfall in the underground excavation.


12 July 2018

Images of the disastrous landslides in Japan this week

Over the last week exceptional rainfall has triggered thousands of landslides in Japan, with disastrous consequences. Images are starting to emerge showing the scale of the disaster.


19 June 2018

Mars: a landslide triggered by a small meteoroid impact

The University of Arizona has released HiRISE imagery from Mars showing a 1 km long landslide triggered by a meteoroid impact about ten years ago


23 May 2018

News and satellite imagery of the Hidroituango dam site

Satellite images captured by Planet Labs shows the evolving crisis at the Hidroituango dam site. The dam crest has now reached the spillway level, meaning that control of the water should become possible. 26,000 people remain displaced


4 April 2018

Two of the more interesting landslides from the Papua New Guinea earthquake

Better satellite images are now becoming available showing the large landslides triggered by the Papua New Guinea earthquake


22 March 2018

Wairoa: a significant valley-blocking landslide in New Zealand

A significant valley-blocking landslide has occurred near to Wairoa in New Zealand. The Mangapoike River is blocked and a lake estimated to be 50 m deep has formed