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15 December 2022

The occurrence of landslides in Pakistan

A new open access paper (Shabbir et al. 2022) examines the occurrence and impact of landslides in Pakistan between 2003 and 2019. In total, 1,089 landslides have been identified, of which 180 led to loss of life, with 1,072 people being killed by landslides over this period. 


16 September 2022

A dramatic rockslide video from K2

A dramatic rockslide near to the Baltoro Glacier on K2 in Pakistan has been caught on video and posted to Youtube


25 September 2019

The Mirpur earthquake in Pakistan: images of lateral spreading

The 24th September 2019 M=5.6 Mirpur earthquake in NW Pakistan appears to have generated some large lateral spreads along the banks of the Jhelum River.


11 June 2019

Three new landslide videos

Three new landslide videos have been posted to Youtube, showing dramatic failures from Pakistan, India and China in recent days


10 December 2018

Spatnik basecamp – that was close!

A Youtube video of a near-miss from a large, tabular, highly mobile boulder at Spantik basecamp in northern Pakistan in August 2018


19 July 2018

Ishkoman, Pakistan: a valley blocking glacial debris flow this week (updated with satellite imagery)

Various reports suggest that there was a major glacial debris flow in the Ishkoman Valley in the Gilgit region of northern Pakistan on Tuesday. This appears to have left the river blocked and a lake has developed


2 May 2018

The 3 km long Ultar Glacier rock and ice avalanche – first satellite images

Planet Labs have now captured high quality imagery of the 3 km long Ultar Glacier rock and ice avalanche, which killed three people in northern Pakistan last month


10 April 2018

Karimabad, Pakistan: a dramatic rock and ice avalanche caught on video

On Monday a very large rock and ice avalanche occurred at Karimabad, in Hunza, northern Pakistan. This event, which claimed three lives, was caught on a dramatic video


10 July 2016

Nagasaki, Uttarakhand and Pakistan: three new landslide videos

Three good new landslide videos are available on Youtube, shot in Nagasaki (Japan), Uttarakhand (India) and in the mountains of Pakistan


7 June 2016

Review of a paper: dam break risk for the Attabad landslide

In a recent paper, Chen et al (2016) have examined the risks associated with a dam break flood at the Attabad landslide in Pakistan. They conclude that the likelihood of a breach event remains high, and that such an event has the potential to release a very substantial flood.


13 April 2016

Landslide damage to the Karakoram Highway

The rains in early April 2016 have caused extensive landslide damage to the Karakoram Highway in northern Pakistan, causing major problems to communities upstream. Two landslides are proving to be particularly problematic, and may take another week to clear.


5 April 2016

Heavy rainfall brings extensive landsliding to Kohistan and other parts of northern Pakistan

Heavy rainfall in northern Pakistan has triggered multiple landslides and rockfalls, including a major failure in Kohistan that may have killed 38 people in addition to many landslides on the Karakoram Highway


28 March 2016

A terrifying video of two coaches trapped by “shooting rocks” in Pakistan

A terrifying video has appeared on Youtube showing two buses trapped by “shooting rocks” on the Karakorum Highway in Pakistan


22 March 2016

Multiple landslides in the last few days in northern India and Pakistan

Over the last week, heavy rainfall has triggered multiple landslides in northern India and Pakistan, causing significant loss of life and extensive damage.


4 February 2016

Landslides near Muzaffarabad from the 2005 Kashmir earthquake

The 2005 Kashmir earthquake in Pakistan triggered large numbers of landslides. Google Earth imagery illustrates their dramatic impacts


2 November 2015

A roundup of new landslide videos

A round up of new landslide videos that have appeared on Youtube in the last fortnight, with examples from Switzerland, Mexico and Pakistan


28 October 2015

Landslides from the Afghanistan earthquake on Monday

Some interesting videos and images are now emerging of landslides and rockfalls triggered by the M=7.5 Afghanistan earthquake on Monday


26 October 2015

Indian slab lurches downward beneath Afghanistan

As I walked into the department this bright brisk morning, coffee cheerily in hand, the live global seismogram display in the atrium caught my eye with an alarming event that had just happened during my bike ride into work. BIG earthquake, somewhere in the vicinity of Central/Southern Asia. Indeed, an earthquake deep (>200 km) beneath the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan had shaken a huge swath of Central and South …


15 October 2015

Karachi rockfall: a human-induced tragedy?

A rockfall in Karachi on Tuesday killed 13 people including seven children. Images of the site hint that there may be a human cause of the tragedy


2 October 2013

The creative forces of earthquakes

For all the destruction wrought when human settlements and infrastructure are shaken by tectonic forces, earthquakes are the result of processes that create and rejuvenate the landscapes we live in. In late September, 2013, a mighty earthquake ripped through the Pakistani desert, causing a surprisingly small number of casualties, but nonetheless rendering homeless over 100,000 people, a major swath of nearby mountain villages’ populations. In the vicinity of the epicenter …