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1 March 2020

Ocean Sciences 2020 – Ocean Decade Heritage Network

“Maritime cultural heritage, the physical remains of past human interactions with the sea, are an inseparable part of the marine and coastal environments. Investigating these interactions at the broadest level can inform the present, allowing us to understand future patterns where we face marine pollution, sea-level rise and other hazards, and contribute data to ecosystems management.”


20 February 2020

Ocean Sciences 2020 – Storytellers Program

The OSM Storytellers program arranged for OSM20 participants to read children’s books about the ocean at local San Diego Public Libraries. Learn about the experience of three ocean scientists as they read ocean-themed books at Central Library!


19 February 2020

Ocean Sciences 2020 – Oceanography in Space

Working together, planetary and ocean scientists can utilize oceanographic knowledge to plan future missions to explore ocean worlds, while doing some reverse engineering to study our own planet.


17 February 2020

Ocean Sciences 2020 – Plenary by Nainoa Thompson

One people, one ocean – we need to act this way.  —  Nainoa Thompson, Ocean Sciences 2020 plenary, February 16, 2020


28 May 2019

Join the Effort to Improve the Health of Our Oceans

Susan Lozier, AGU’s President-elect, encapsulated the forward-looking spirit and dialogue of global ocean experts earlier this month: As an oceanographer, I view the upcoming United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development as an incredibly important opportunity for the global community to focus on the health of Earth’s oceans. Many recent studies have revealed the negative effects humans have had on the oceans, from the sea surface to the …