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20 May 2022

The Mount Popa debris avalanche

About 8,000 years ago a massive landslide occurred on the flank of Mount Popa in Myanmar. The landslide, which had a volume of about 1.3 cubic kilometres, travelled about 11 km from the crater of the volcano.


22 December 2021

Another fatal jade mine landslide in Myanmar

There are reports this morning of yet another fatal jade mine landslide in Myanmar, with indications of up to 100 deaths


17 July 2020

Satellite imagery of the Myanmar jade mine landslide

Satellite imagery is now available from Planet Labs of the site of the 28 June 2020 Myanmar jade mine landslide, which killed about 180 people


2 July 2020

Sate Mu village: another dreadful jade mining landslide in Myanmar

Another dreadful landslide has occurred in the Hpakant jade mining area of Kachin state in Myanmar. The landslide, at Sate Mu, killed at least 113 people.


25 April 2019

Balakh village: yet another catastrophic jade mine landslide in Myanmar

On Tuesday morning a slope collapsed at a jade mine at Balakh village in Myanmar, killing 54 miners. This is the latest of a long series of such landslides in Myanmar.


28 September 2018

Hpakant, Myanmar: the on-going tragedy of landslides from jade mining

Reports suggest that there has been yet another mining landslide in Hpakant, Myanmar. In the last 4 years over 800 people have died in mining landslides there


12 June 2018

The Rohingya refugees: landslides start to take lives as the monsoon arrives

The Rohinghya refugees: landslides start to take lives as the monsoon arrives For the last few months there has been increasing concern about the plight of many of the Rohingya refugees who have been forced out of Burma – Myanmar – by the military, and are now living in makeshift camps in Bangladesh.  The numbers are vast – some estimates suggest over 700,000 people.  There is particular concern about the …


22 January 2018

The risk of landslides in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh

Many of the Rohingya people, forced to leave Myanmar / Burma by ethnic cleansing, are now living in landslide prone locations in Bangladesh. Dramatic satellite images from Planet Labs illustrate the magnitude of the threat.


8 May 2016

Mining in Burma and hydroelectric power in China: two major landslides with familiar causes this weekend

This weekend there have been two deadly landslides that repeat familiar themes: one was associated with mining in Burma (Myanmar) and the other with the construction of facilities to generate hydroelectric power in China


16 December 2015

Burma jade mine landslides: an annus horribilis

This has been a terrible year for Burma jade mine landslides, with over 300 deaths. The cause is probably an increase in mining activity this year.


27 November 2015

Who was to blame for the Hpakant jade mine landslide?

As rescue and recovery operations at the site of the Hpakant jade mine landslide in Burma cease, a war of words has broken out as to whose fault it was


24 November 2015

The Burma jade mine landslide disaster

The Burma jade mine landslide disaster on Friday was a massive flowslide that is now known to have killed over 110 people. The final toll may be about 200 people, most of them poor miners living in an unofficial settlement.


29 October 2015

The amazing Tonzang landslides in Burma – NASA images

NASA EO-1 images have revealed the extent of the amazing Tonzang landslides in Burma, which occurred earlier this year. The largest landslide is 5.9 km long