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11 May 2016

North Dakota’s Bakken oil and gas field leaking 275,000 tons of methane per year

Researchers found that 275,000 tons of methane leak from the Bakken oil and gas field each year, similar to the emission rate found for another oil-producing region, Colorado’s Denver-Julesburg Basin. That’s the finding of the first field study measuring emissions of this potent greenhouse gas from the Bakken, which spans parts of North Dakota and Montana.


17 February 2016

Paper shows Significant Increase in Methane Emissions in U.S.

Despite the plentiful commercials on cable networks touting clean natural gas, there is more to the story. Methane emissions have noticeably increased in the U.S. according to research published in the AGU journal Geophysical Research Letters. There has been a lot of talk recently about how much natural gas escapes from fracking wells and the huge leak in Southern California has been national news for over two months. Methane is …


19 March 2011

LPSC 2011: Day 2 – Cryospheres, Carbon, and Methane Skepticism

More on the cryosphere of Mars, along with some speculation about martian carbonates and skepticism about the presence of methane in the martian atmosphere.